Hot Sauce and You


Any good sauces you buy/taste lately? I just got some sauce called Ocean Deck Rasta Sauce and I highly reccomend. While it’s not too hot, it has a killer taste.


I’m not much of a connoisseur. I always have a bottle of Tapatio at my table though. I’ll slosh it onto anything and everything.


There’s this reeeeally good sriracha I get from my local market every once in a while. Idk where else they sell it, but I’d really recommend getting a bottle if you see one for sale


Cant go wrong with the classic :ok_hand:t2:


This woman tells me that whatever I am eating is going to taste better now. If anyone hasn’t tried this in any of its forms I highly recommend it, especially if you can get the jarred variety with the whole bits of crispy chilies.


Can we get a name my dude?


Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp Sauce, or colloquially “Stern Lady Sauce”

There’s even a really cool story behind it!


My boyfriend subscribes to Degustabox and they like slipping in Nando’s branded hot sauces and they are really good.


I still find it hard to tell which hot sauces are novelties and which ones are really good. Far as I can tell, an average bottle in a specialty store is kind of a mix of both. My wife got me Zombie Cajun hot sauce awhile back, which was a pack with a few different varieties. Each bottle had New Orleans zombie themed art. The garlic sauce was my favorite from that pack, it’s called Dual Protection, because the garlic wards off vampires too, ha!



Reviving this thread because I need to post this.

Trader Joe’s yuzu hot sauce. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with yuzu recently, and this stuff is great. Great citrus flavor, with a pretty moderate amount of heat. I made some udon and bok choy stir fry recently, and the flavor matched perfectly!

I also recommend Melinda’s hot sauces for super-spicy hot sauce that still has good flavor. I really like their Naga Jolokia sauce. It hits hard, but still has a nice peppery, slightly sweet flavor. Not too vinegary, and no harsh bitter taste like a some other “ghost pepper” sauces.


This sauce fucking rules

I first tasted it when a neighbor gifted a 2-liter jug (!!!) of it to me when they moved. I thought, “who the hell buys hot sauce in this quantity?” I finished the jug in three months. It’s a little salty, and not very thin, so it’s applications are a bit more limited, but I looooove it on sandwiches and other hearty foods.

I also really like this one:

It’s in a lot of specialty grocery stores, like Whole Foods and stuff. It’s more universal and pretty hot without being overbearing. I like it because the heat is good, but it’s not exclusively heat like, for example, many habanero sauces. Thinner and more singular than the California Pepper Plant sauce above, so it works on more stuff.


Hey, recognized this stuff. I usually ask for it in restaurants as “chili oil”, and it comes with the flaky chili bits. It’s a little smoky. It’s oil, not so much a sauce. I fuckin love it.


I like hot sauces, but I also have chronic hypertension, which means I have to be careful about sodium intake, and most hot sauces are full of salt. A couple of years ago, my brother sent me a bottle of this sodium-free sauce, and I’m a fan:


Love this Minneapolis original!