Hottest Daddy in Videogames?


Waypoint broached this topic not long ago here, and I feel it needs to be discussed once more. Honestly, how someone could make a top 10 list of daddies without Zangief is beyond me.

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Most Charming Son?

Gotta be big daddy from bioshock, I imagine it’s very hot in those diving suits


I don’t understand.

Why wasn’t a photo of sexy sharkman Sidon not included in the OP and the thread immediately closed?


I started playing Waku Waku 7 on my Switch, and,

And it’s not like he’s NOT just Part 3 Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure but it’s also not like that isn’t the point, you know?

That’s me, in the corner.


I don’t wanna be easy, but Reinhardt from Overwatch is fucking Up There.


Oh my.


Kyle Hyde the most underrated Daddy of all time.


Oh damn, I’ll give out a :heart: for that.




There is only one correct answer to this and it is the saddy daddy Venom Snake



I mean, Bowser is like OG video game daddy.




The only thing I’ve leveled in this game so far is Guts :muscle:


Sword and Sorcery’s Logfella:

  • Lumberjack
  • Rugged beard
  • Down-home hospitality
  • Cryptic advice
  • Voiced by Suda51 in Japan


I’m pretty sure Ace Attorney requires at least one attorney, one prosecutor, and one daddy per game. Can someone check that for me?


Thane Krios, literal daddy and my husband