House Flipper is the sim I didn't know I wanted


Has anyone else here jumped on the House Flipper train yet? Sim game in the style of Euro Truck Simulator or similar, where you buy run down houses, renovate them in excruciating detail (yes, of course you put the washers on individually when you mount the sink in the bathroom, what did you expect?) and then flip them on the market, to fund your next renovation.

It’s satisfying in a way that it wouldn’t be if the tedium of each task wasn’t such a core part of the game. It takes time to re-plaster and re-paint a room, so you best be sure about your colour scheme before you start.

It’s not the kind of game I expected to like, but it’s scratching an itch and I’m very much enjoying my time with it for $15 or however much it is on steam right now. Probably check out a stream or something before buying though.

(link for the lazy: )


Oh wow, this is exactly the kind of game I expect to like. It’s like someone got drunk on HGTV and Sims build-mode, I love it.


More players on Steam this week than Far Cry 5. :smiley:

I just flipped my first house for a 71% profit, and in progress on my second, while doing odd renovation jobs on the side to hone my skills. This thing is going to be nuts if it supports Steam Workshop in future.


this is the kind of game that makes me wish my MIL understood how to play games.


this game is violence against me personally

I have THOUGHTS about HGTV, America’s unhealthy relationship with housing, and house-flipping


Do share them :slight_smile: I try to approach my renovations (in game) from the perspective of a house I’d want to live in, rather than just doing the bare minimum to flip for profit.


HGTV more than anything made every house in the '90s beige, that’s the worst crime

it also greatly promoted the concept of housing not as a basic human necessity but as an investment to derive profit from, injecting a truly unhealthy form of capitalism in the form of beige paint, “upgrades,” and fashion into what is again a basic human right

house flippers are generally scum who ruin neighborhoods and incidentally tend to leave behind houses that are trashfires as far as livability anyway, because it’s all about maximizing that profit for the least return and not making the house actually liveable in the long term

partially this is driven by americans’ tendency to think of houses as disposable which is fucking insane

idk i’m supposed to be working but yeah houseflipping gentrifiers can eat my butt