How a Compromised RPG Prepared Larian Studios to Take On 'Baldur's Gate 3'

The first five hours or so of Divinity 2 are a slog. Even with the difficulty dialed way down, the early game is so unbalanced for a melee specialist—what with armies of archers firing arrows from afar—that my health bar is always down to the dregs. Potions are scarce so to survive, I listen for clucking. This is my version of a mighty hero: I find loose chickens, and I kick the meat off of them. Then I can head back into battle, shortsword in one hand, drumstick in the other.

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The Divinity series is one of those series with a bonkers sequel naming structure.

Divine Divinity
Beyond Divinity
Divinity 2
Divinity Dragon Commander
Divinity Original Sin
Divinity Original Sin 2

I remember enjoying Divine Divinity. It had a fun diablo-ish control and camera scheme but with Elder Scrolls-level messing with environmental objects and open world. I was kind of bummed that they changed it so much with the sequels.

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I’m very nervous about Larian doing Baldur’s Gate 3.

I have not played Original Sin 2, but I played Original Sin, and the dialogue in the game is just big exposition dumps without decision making. Also, the narrative and dialogue in OS is really just… not good.

I’ve heard OS2 is better, but I still question if they’re the ones that should be continuing Baldur’s Gate.

Woooooow I never made the connect that Divinity Original Sin was a “sequel” to Divine Divinity and now I feel very silly.

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