How a Young Adult Author Got Her Start Writing 'Pride and Prejudice' Fanfic About Neopets

In 2008, the Neopian Times, the in-game newspaper of virtual pet site Neopets, published a serialized story called “Pride, Prose, and Princes” by a user who went by dancingpetal. The story chronicles the travails of Lindsey the Zafara (a kangaroo-like Neopet), an aspiring writer who is invited to join the Neopian Prose Writer’s Society. As Lindsey learns to navigate the upper-crust Society, she must put up with Prince Stormington II, a Lupe (wolf Neopet) with standoffish manners. Banquets are attended. Lawn games are played. Manuscripts are stolen. And Lindsey and Prince Stormington, obvious analogues to Pride & Prejudice's Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy, learn to get along.

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This is so cool. I have fond memories of reading the Neopian Times.

Interesting article! Shout out to Neopets! As a kid that place is where I learned HTML and CSS.

I hope today’s kids have similar places online to hang out, play games, and cultivate their interests. I always appreciated the creative challenges they’d post. I remember making mini pepperoni pizza bites that looked like a yooyu for one of their culinary contests.