How about a little forum Eurovision party, folks?


It might be fun to hang out on the forum while this is going on, so we can talk about this weird ol’ Europe-wide contest and revel a little in the silliness and spectacle of it tomorrow night.

If I might propose a couple of general rules of thumb:

  • This is often a very silly evening, and there is likely to be plenty to mock about it, but let’s not get carried away and respect the rules of this forum as a friendly and inclusive place.
  • In particular, because these are things which I can imagine coming up on a forum in the context of Eurovision: no hating on countries, body-shaming, anything that could be interpreted as transphobic, ableist, etc etc. Hopefully this doesn’t need to be said, here :slight_smile:

How about it? Anyone want to hang out?


I’ll gladly join, very much looking forward to this year’s “12 points from Greece go to…Cyprus” :smile:


I will be watching, as we have some family heading over, but doubt I will be able to get on here. There were some interesting performances in the semi-finals so who knows what the final is going to bring.


I’m really looking forward to seeing which Dark Souls bosses have qualified this year.


I consider it a good “gut check” - see which countries have major beefs, and see just how much everyone hates the UK for Brexit. I expect many of the close neighbours will nul UK into oblivion, and some of the smaller ones will give points, but I always care the most to see which Nordic nation has gone full-on “fuck this - hold my beer”.


Well, the UK we haven’t had decent points for YEARS now, and honestly that’s mostly to do with our by-the-numbers entries (oh, and that one time we were completely out of tune)

So I have a hard time imagining this year will do much to move the needle (though admittedly I haven’t seen our entry as I like to save it for the evening). And even if it did, I wouldn’t blame 'em. I wouldn’t vote for us either right now :slight_smile:


Yuuuuup. I genuinely don’t get how we didn’t see Lordi enter and go “oh shit, we could totally send ANYONE”. Or, for that matter, how the BBC isn’t running an X Factor competitor every year to make a new artist to enter.


Yeah we like to whine how nobody votes for us because they don’t like us despite sending incredibly bland/bad entries.


Scooch. Bloody SCOOCH.


Yeah, although I fear that a popularity contest might also end up producing the blandest/safest artists. Not unpleasant, perhaps even good, but nothing to stand out in the crowd of entries.

Unless the voting public got into the spirit of voting for weird/different.


A moment from Eurovision 2015, as commentated by Austin (+columnists Jack and Janine and friends at the table co-hosts Art and Ali)

I hope we get an incomprehensible percussion ensemble this year too!


Anyone listen to the Final 26 yet or is everyone waiting till Tomorrow i already have some new songs to add to my work mix


I’ll probably float between here and Twitter while I’m watching it. Nobody else in my house is willing to watch it, so I need somewhere to complain about my Fave not doing as well as they should.


I can’t wait till Scotland gets its own Eurovision place and we just send up the Proclaimers every year to do their slight variation of a version of 500 Miles. We’ll be hosting every year.
This is a short way to say I had forgotten about the implications of Brexit and it’s going to be incredible to get us idiotic people what’s coming to us. Of course the Daily Mail will spout “SEE THEY HATE YOU” nonsense on its front page.

Anyway, I’ll be watching as per usual. I haven’t seen it but I’ve been told not to miss Portugals entry.


As a very, very pro-EU Brit, I’m quite looking forward to watching the rest of the Union totally shaft us for Brexit to be honest. Aside from that, I’m all about Moldova and Italy this year, still pretty gutted Montenegro didn’t qualify because their entry was ridiculous.


tbf I haven’t actually heard our entry this year but, yknow


Legend has it Radiohead once offered to represent the UK at Eurovision and were turned down.


The story I heard (and I think this came from Radiohead themselves) was similar… that they thought it would be really funny to do Eurovision, but when they looked into what would be involved a little they realised it was harder to become the Eurovision representative than they thought, so they baulked


Less than a handful of hours left!

On a semi-related note, I heard Drew Scanlon of Cloth Map has tickets he got second-hand; hopefully those are able to get him in!


I’m still trying to nail down a way to watch this in the US but I think LOGO has it on their youtube stream.