How about that Fargo Season Finale, Huh? SPOILERS (obvs)


Fargo is easily one of my favourite shows, hopefully it is also some of yours’ or else this will have been a tremendous waste of time and my fragile sense of self esteem. so anyway let’s talk about it.

I enjoyed this season as much as the others, one thing that was somewhat lacking though, and which is part of what I love about Fargo is watching profound evil brought low good honest incorruptible police work and this season kind of robbed me of that. I realize that was the point, but I miss having that catharsis.
So --either as a flagrant rejection of this seasons themes or very much in keeping with them-- I want to snatch a definitive ending from the jaws of ambiguity using the unimpeachable power of general consensus.

So, how did the third season of Fargo End?

  • Varga Walks
  • Gloria Takes Him Down

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and feel free to chat about the rest of the season or even the rest of the seasons below, I won’t even turn my nose up at movie discussion/


I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the finale yet, but I wanted to chime in and say that I’ve really been into this season.

Burgle/Lopez 2020


Sorry, for necroing a thread, but I just finished season 3 and I wanted an excuse to say that Varga 100% fucking walked.

Think about it, the guy represents the absolute worst impulses of the capitalist class. Mindless consumption and accrual of wealth that isn’t needed and DEFINITELY wasn’t earned and the aggressive hoarding of that ill-gotten capital against the vague threat of “boat people” and “peasants with pitchforks.” V.M. Varga is pure evil but, unfortunately, he thrives because the system we live in allows him to. Remember how the I.R.S agent points out to Gloria that the core concept of Varga’s plan for Stussy Lots isn’t actually illegal?

It’s really important that the ending is ambiguous, because it’s not like ours is a totally hopeless economic situation (Think Seuss’s Butter Battle Book and MAD), but in our current world, men like Varga will virtually always go free.

Also, imo, the way he fades back into shadow is pretty clear symbolism.