How about them Mixed Martial Arts?


Noticed there really wasn’t a thread to discuss MMA. With Danielle being such a fan and folks here seeming to be cool with Fighting in the Age of Loneliness I thought I would start one. Would love to hear who your favorite fighters past or present are.

With UFC 231 tonight, what looks to be a great entry point for potential new fans, thought now would a good time as any to discuss the sport .


There was a thread about Fighting in the Age of Loneliness that spun off from Waypoints the week before last, you might find it interesting: Fighting in the Age of Loneliness: The History of MMA

I’m going to be watching UFC 231, the title fights are cool but aside from those I am most looking forward to seeing how Claudia Gadelha and Gunnar Nelson do in their bouts.


I’m not a huge MMA person (as my posts in the other thread noted), but my older brother is way into it to the point of being an amateur MMA fighter himself in the sense that he goes to competitions, cuts weight, and tries to fit that lifestyle around his 9-to-5.

It does strike me as being a very hard life to live and keep up with, both in terms of the amount of training, but also the strain it puts on your body, life, and mood. My brother’s health can seem fragile at times, which probably reflects some poor tendencies on his part with his training regemin but also speaks to the amount of strain one has to put themselves in to compete at any reasonable level in the space.


I love a lot about MMA. There is an art to combat sports techniques, to the flow of one move to another. It’s thrilling to watch and fun to even dabble in training. But it has increasingly become tiring to be a fan of it whether from the poor way fighters are treated by the business people, the fighters themselves being bad people, the fans being bad people, the growing use of the sport as a way to recruit people into white supremacy, use of fighters as propaganda pieces for dictators, and any other bullshit I’m forgetting. Love it and hate it so much.