How Are You Fighting The Capitalist World Order, Comrades?

Is The Clash still considered sufficiently revolutionary?

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It’s a playlist on Spotify, so the whole premise is already deeply ironic, so sure

Which Clash songs should I pick though?


A big hell yeah @ Lost in the Flood, the best Springsteen song. Not that you need more of his stuff on that playlist, but the live version of Youngstown would be a good addition.

Also yeah not sure if this is sufficiently revolutionary (considering I’m probably not sufficiently revolutionary myself), but I’ve found a lot of Rise Against tracks to be pretty cathartic lately. Some particular songs — Black Masks & Gasoline, The Eco-Terrorist in Me, and Architects are real good. But the entirety of their discography is heavy on those themes, so you could just put a bunch of them on a dartboard and probably find something fitting.

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Well I was thinking that “Police On My Back” is either perfect for the moment or that the title is cringe inducingly specifically evocative in the context.

So, I’unno. “Clampdown”? Almost definitely Clampdown. You were asking for rap so, Radio Clash?

Man, going on a Clash relisten, it’s going to be really ironic when Ubisoft includes their requisite Clash song in the London Watch_Dogs game as they softball revolution by saying “the cops can come too.”

Ok, now that we got that caveat out of the way, Spotify’s Black Lives Matter playlist has been on constant rotation in my car and I highly recommend it. For more specific hip hop picks, the latest Run the Jewels album, RTJ4, has a definite of-the-moment energy to it.


Also, “Long Black Veil.” Not saying you should swap but where do we stand?

  • Johnny Cash Version
  • Mick Jagger Version

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other version

Cash is singing it to prisoners, which pushes it over for me

I guess.

… And Conor McGregor did kind of ruin that Chieftains album.

I’ve started learning C++, which will be the small domino that scales up to the revolution… somehow.

I don’t listen to a lot of music that isn’t metal or punk, but some hip hop picks I know of: The Coup, dead prez, Bambu. Talib Kweli has a song that samples “Which Side Are You On?”, so that’s cool. Rebel Diaz, also. And I guess Rage Against the Machine is rap rock or whatever that genre’s called.

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Oooooh, I’d love some anti-capitalist METAL. Like, if Electric Wizard did a Phil Ochs cover album!

billy woods’ album History Will Absolve Me might check some boxes for you if not solely for the name?
Ramshackle Glory is some good incredibly angsty folk-punk, especially the song “From Here to Utopia”.
The general question posed in the topic subject is something I struggle with. I’ve been having my students read/learn about BLM and the history of racism in the USA/Japan but that can only go so far and depends on student enthusiasm. I want to be doing something more directly involved with the struggle but feel a lil lost.

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Had it in my head Ubisoft would use Guns of Brixton for some reason

Music about anger, injustice and survival.

CW: Abuse, sexual assault

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I’ve been listening to a lot of old folk singers lately because ::waves hands generally all around:: things.

My two suggestions:



Ah yes, fellow revolutionary, how are you enjoying your Mountain Blast flavored Powerade™?

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Saparast is stellar, absolutely adore their sound. Panopticon’s Kentucky is a great album, alternating between metal and bluegrass, that also has Which Side Are You On? on it because leftists can’t help but cover that classic (and it rocks). Feminazgûl, Dawn Ray’d… I’m definitely forgetting some big ones, but those are some faves, anyway.

(And Summoning, but most of their music is just cool Tolkien stuff. I just like having a cool Tolkien metal band who I know are anti-fascist, because… the metal scene sucks.)

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My Cleric in my weekly ttrpg has gained the long term goal of starting a proletariat uprising in the city the game takes place in.


I highly recommend The Coup, which is Boots Riley’s group. Personally I’m a big fan of Hey Saturday Night and Anitra’s Basement Tapes from the Sorry to Bother You soundtrack and of course, the appropriately named The Guillotine.


There’s a great anti fascist black metal band from England called dawn ray’d. Can very much recommend

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This is an odd suggestion but someone here might like it anyway. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to an Italian indie/post-rock/electronic band: Offlaga Disco Pax. Their work is basically spoken words and the lyrics are in Italian so they might not work for you but I just love them so much. Most song are deeply personal, nostalgic and political stories about an Italy that doesn’t exist anymore. Some are hopeful, some are just angry and sad.

Robespierre is their most famous song. It opens with this incredible line (rough translation):

I took the second grade exam in 1975. Socialism was like the universe: expanding.
The teacher asked me about Maximilien de Robespierre.
I replied that the Jacobins were right and that, no matter the terror, the French Revolution had been a good thing.
The teacher didn’t feel the need to ask more questions.