How Are You Fighting The Capitalist World Order, Comrades?

I highly recommend The Coup, which is Boots Riley’s group. Personally I’m a big fan of Hey Saturday Night and Anitra’s Basement Tapes from the Sorry to Bother You soundtrack and of course, the appropriately named The Guillotine.


There’s a great anti fascist black metal band from England called dawn ray’d. Can very much recommend

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This is an odd suggestion but someone here might like it anyway. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to an Italian indie/post-rock/electronic band: Offlaga Disco Pax. Their work is basically spoken words and the lyrics are in Italian so they might not work for you but I just love them so much. Most song are deeply personal, nostalgic and political stories about an Italy that doesn’t exist anymore. Some are hopeful, some are just angry and sad.

Robespierre is their most famous song. It opens with this incredible line (rough translation):

I took the second grade exam in 1975. Socialism was like the universe: expanding.
The teacher asked me about Maximilien de Robespierre.
I replied that the Jacobins were right and that, no matter the terror, the French Revolution had been a good thing.
The teacher didn’t feel the need to ask more questions.

Can’t beat the national anthem of the Revolution.

But consider:


William Maranci’s best work imo.

See you and raise you