How Big Is the PlayStation 5: A Dialogue

The Sony PlayStation 5: standing up, it’s 15.4 inches tall. 10.2 inches deep. 4.1 inches wide. It weighs 9.9 pounds. But these are numbers. Now that we finally have our hands on the console, we can tell you what they mean. This the debate that occurred as I placed it on my TV stand.

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Now that I’m seeing it inside an actual tv-bench, I don’t hate it.
(Comparing it to the ps4 tho it might be a tight fit…)
I still don’t like how wavy the design is, I prefer linear and mechanical shapes, but something about seeing it like this makes it make sense to me.

I’ve been waiting for dimensions all day. Everyone’s like “It’s so big!” and I’ve been sitting here saying “Okay that’s all well and good but how big?”

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Here ya go:

I just want to know if the PS5 will come with some unnecessary trunk space on it like the Atari 5200.


You see, this is how the backwards compatibility works - you just throw your PS4 into the PS5! It’s like infusing gear in Destiny, but for consoles!


Def big as hell but I think I can manage with the space I have available. If I can manage to actually get one.

It’s not so large that I can’t imagine where I’d put one if I had any money, but it’s definitely large enough that I’m glad they’ve included an option to position it vertically. I’ve had TV stands in old apartments that didn’t have a good spot for this, so I’m happy for a fairly unobtrusive option to have it on the floor next to the TV stand.

I’m going to put it on the same shelf as my launch PS3 and hope said shelf doesn’t buckle under the weight.

You can’t put Mina in an article and expect me to end up being able to think about anything else other than the dog


Looking forward to cask of amontillado’ing my foes by tricking them into going into a room and placing exactly one PS5 directly in front of the doorway.


It still looks like someone left it too close to a heat source over night and the glue got soft and the plastic warped

Mina looking like she’s about to give me a quest to disperse the riff-raff who have gathered outside of her manor.

The reward will be 4 silver coins, which is apparently enough to feed my family for a month.

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There is nowhere for me to put it horizontally in my current setup, and it’s so tall I don’t feel comfortable setting it up vertically when living in an area with frequent earthquakes. The horizontal setup doesn’t even look stable…

Mina for scale*

*Mina is actually the size of a fully grown human


I’m really curious to hear what Japan has to say about the size of the PS5. For all the times we’d hear about console size being a critical factor in getting them in Japanese homes over the years, I wonder if the PS5’s honking silhouette is going to be a dealbreaker over there.