How bout that Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Huh


So, that was damn pretty. The fluid animations, the atmospheric lighting, the hustle and bustle of towns and the camp and the vast biomes and wildlife.

I cant wait for RDR 2 but the trailer to me showed how boring Arthur probably is as a character. GTAV suffered the same thing in it’s story mode I thought. The trailer also showed small glimpses of characters that seemed so much more interesting to delve into. Hopefully surrounding yourself with them will be enough.

And my god I am so excited to deal with situations and people in numerous other ways than just shooting them. The more verbs in our toolbox the better.

So what do you all think?


looks pretty, but hearing things like “wild and lawless frontier” makes me pretty down on it


How come that makes you pretty down?


Because it reinforces the notion of Americans ‘taming’ and ‘civilizing’ a lawless place that was doing just fine on it’s own when Native Americans were the sole inhabitants…ya know, before we stole all their land…


Yo, I never made that connection. Well shit, not only is it a massive cliche in westerns its also pretty terrible. I always just thought it meant it was wild and lawless because of the outlaws, i’ve been so fucking dense


im dying to see a rockstar game whose pratagonist does not have a heavy brow ridge. granted, they started this one with “how can we make him look like both paul newman AND warren beatty?” so it was never in the cards, but still


All that aside, really, it looks beautiful is about the best thing I can say about it. I just don’t really have faith in Rockstar to deliver anything beyond “here’s another white, male fantasy. Have fun!” Their characters have always been poorly-written and shallow attempts at satire, whether in GTA or RDR. Not to mention that they could not have come up with a more boring player character. Like we’ve never seen grizzled white dude before.


America was evolving

Ehhhh I dunno about that lmao.

This sure looks like a Rockstar game. Pretty but also probably pretty boring. My dad thrives off of westerns since he watched them a ton in Sudan, so it’ll be fun to experience it with him at least.


Same mood. It’s probably going to be fine, but I see nothing compelling me to buy it day one. I’m happy to wait for a price drop and play it whenever.

…I’m also bitter that we aren’t getting video game Justified. The last game was about the end of the cowboy west, what’s the point of a prequel?! Modern westerns need to break through to video games y’all.


Hahaha. It’s almost like they are trying really hard to show that this man is the most manly man in all of man, he even has pre modern human man traits.


Yeah…like that was the entire damn theme to the last game! End of an era! The cowboys and outlaws are going extinct! A changing way of life! Like…so this is just supposed to be, you get to experience being an outlaw a bit more? Is that right? Please, tell a new story.


Yeah, that’s were I stand. the grizzled white dude story has been done to death in all genre, never mind westerns. I do wonder how the player character changes depending on how you act and react to everyone in the world or whether he does at all.

@Navster Exactly!! It was meant to be the end! I’d have rather them make a game about a cattle rancher starting to struggle as modernity creeps into the west. But white guy with a gun though hey


I can only really echo what other folks here or on twitter have said, in that it’s very much a Rockstar game. Very expensive looking with a whole bunch of features & mechanics (the ability to resolve situations without firing your gun seems potentially novel) but not much in the way of plot or characterisation to grab me.

The setting is so inextricably tied to colonialist fantasy that even if it weren’t Rockstar at the helm I’d have my doubts about it being able to critically engage with the problematic elements of the genre. With Rockstar handling it, I have even less optimism. Even the positioning of this gameplay trailer as an explainer for how you, the player, can conquer and explore this land to your heart’s content is playing into that fantasy.


I know we’re all dunking on Rockstar for telling the kinds of tonedeaf stories they always tell, but they make the most complex, cohesive, mechanically solid experiences in the entire fucking industry and I am at the very least excited to try it out.


Thats exactly it, I cant wait to get into the world and see how all the pieces react and work together with each other. GTAV was an unbelievable achievement in an openworld/living world and It’s going to be interesting to see how they improve that in a significantly less dense world


I don’t particularly care about the story in this game since it seems such an obvious retread of the thematic space of the first game, but its SO pretty and it has animals that systemically interact with each other and honestly that alone has me interested in it. I’m sure its politics and presentation will be just as hamfistedly white cismale centric as every other rockstar game. But nobody else makes games with this level of detail put into their systemic world design at such enormous scale aside from maybe NIntendo with Zelda: BotW (which I haven’t played yet) so that makes me more willing to overlook the obvious flaws common with their output.

This all depends on whether it comes out on PC though, If I have the option I ain’t playin a game that gorgeous on a console when my PC is right there.


I’m not really even exaggerating when I say that if this game just let me wander around incredibly picturesque wilderness with thriving ecosystems and a variety of weather conditions I would pay full price for it. Everything else is mostly a bonus.

My guess is the story will have its moments but be a mostly predictable affair, the main dude will be a bit bland but well-acted, the homestead/camp stuff they hinted at will be a drag like it is in every other game that wants me to do menial chores in the name of building a base that I couldn’t care less about, the music will be excellent, and there will be around 2 or 3 characters I genuinely like.

More importantly, you can now brush your horse and then they’ll like you more because of it. Finally, a sequel that justifies itself


Oh shit I didn’t even think of the music. The first RDR has maybe my favorite game soundtrack ever so I have high hopes for this! I haven’t seen anything about who’s doing the music though… I hope they got Bill Elm and Woody Jackson back on that!!


It’s really understated and sparse in spots but just does a great job of punctuating quiet, somber moments with a nice twangy guitar riff here and there. It’s effective and does a lot to separate that game tonally from a lot of other open world games that are focused on being as bombastic as possible at all times


The systems they are including make it seem like they took San Andreas and put it in the West and updated it