How bout that Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Huh


There’s reason to be worried, GTAV may indicate that R* is on a downward trend, sticking with their guns and established repertoire instead of branching out into greener patures which is what Bully, GTAIV, the original RDR and LA Noire very much were and the prequel hook for this game really doesn’t help none, I don’t need to see how Dutch got broke, all that matters is that he was. I feel the original really lampshades that John’s past does not require a thorough fucking explanation.

That being said, jinkies, this game looks real good. I’m trying to come up with a response that doesn’t make me seem totally ignorant to either R*'s history or the inherent baggage of the Western, but I gotta be honest and say I can’t wait to poke around this thing. It looks beautiful, I love the halfway-Cormac McCarthy tone in the story trailer, what I’ve heard of the music sounds great, it just ticks all the boxes in my lizard brain.


The inclusion of non-shoot-em-up options has me most intrigued, more than anything. Shooting/fighting has always been the worst thing about R* games, gameplay-wise.


Yup, that video real estate brochure style narration still is super weird.

edit: tfw imagining how it would play if the narration did a slow morph into full on Devolver’s Nina Struthers over the course of the video.


Seeing this trailer just reminded me that Rockstar made Max Payne 3 and then when it didn’t sell gangbusters they decided to stop trying.

Max Payne 3 is real fucking exploitative at times and the script is full of deep cringe but it was messy and angry at all the right things. Then they went off and made the funny ha-ha game about being three dickheads or something and I lost any hope that Red Dead would be anything more than a pretty sandbox.


I just beat RDR1 very recently and it made me feel absolutely nothing so my response to this trailer was “Yep.”

This seems pretty much just like a 2018ification of the original in every way.

I’m gonna play it, probably not gonna like it.


I agree with what most have said so far: it’s gonna have a lot of reallyyyyy problematic stuff, it’s also going to be hella fun.
The Mass Effect-ish ‘pick your crew for missions and walk around a home base talking to people’ looks interesting. I wonder if it has romance as well? :-S


Let’ be real, I’m not gonna be able to help myself from playing this game. Did you see those forests, and the mountains? Good lord. I want to hunt some digital game. Did you see how good the horses looked?

But I am not looking forward to riding somewhere accompanied with some asshole that won’t shut up for five minutes, repeated for every mission. GTA5 has me so worried about how terrible the story elements might be.


hey remember the one time RDR tried to “address” First Nations people by having a supporting character exist for five missions and then be brutally shot in the face & immediately written out to show How Dark It Is Woah Deep, opting to also characterize the Racist(s) You The Viewer Definitely Aren’t more than said supporting character because they’re funnier or some shit.

and this was pre-GTA V.

They are going to dig this hole deep, man. Grats on them for finally catching up to every other post-Ubi open world game by doing more than Take Cover And Look For Red Marker On Minimap And Shoot There/Go To Marker And Do Isolated Gimmick for approaching objectives, and having pretty graphics & enviro detail that people will pretend other devs can’t do even though they do all the time, I’ll still take a solid pass on another Ironic™ Cynical™ white people™ story that aggrandizes colonial frontier mythology but from a smug distance so it’s somehow okay.

I’ve been trying to get away from my bitter-leftist-thinks-fun-popular-thing-sucks-actually schtick, but i will absolutely stick to my guns when i say “fuck Rockstar forever”.

[CW] I’m highly anticipating one of the new group protagonists being a literal overt rapist a bunch of woke gamers can say “embodies the id of gamers” again, too, because I know R* can’t help themselves.


I am very much looking forward to this game.

However, I remember loving RDR for the moments in between the story that came with self directed play rather than the actual story missions. Some of those missions were absolutely terrible - like, why do I have to help out a stereotypical Irish man who robs graves?

I’m sure RDR2 will bring the goods but I’m not expecting much from the story.

And here’s a tweet I made earlier!



Slight correction: The gross Irish stereotype and the graverobber were two separate characters


And both of those characters sucked. I tried starting a new game when Xbox backwards compatibility was added, and meeting those two characters in a pretty short window just killed any momentum that game had.


The sad fact is that people love their caustic, cynical writing.

Spoiler for GTAV if you care: at the end of GTAV, you, as Franklin, are tasked with making one of three decisions: kill Michael, kill Trevor, or do neither and get killed yourself. Without fucking hesitation I killed Trevor. He’s fucking despicable. He is awful. He’s unfunny and hateful and disgusting. I loathed the playtime I was forced to spend as him.

Then the game just ends, and Trevor is gone. ‘Good!’, I thought. But it didn’t feel right. I looked up the “disobey” option and saw that it’s this long, multipart mission that is CLEARLY the true ending. In doing so, I also noticed that word on the net was that no one hesitated to make this decision, and not the one I had made, because guess what? People LOVE Trevor. He’s hilarious! Irreverent! Honest! And best of all, he doesn’t care about your feelings! Huh…SOUNDS FAMILIAR

I’ve said many times before how much I hate Rockstar’s approach to characterization. Your strong-willed protagonist has a justifiable motive, but pursues it by performing tasks for reprehensible, purposeful shitheads without even batting a fuckin eye. It makes no sense and being forced to listen to these assholes ramble on about their horrible (satirical!!!) opinions makes for a deeply unpleasant experience. The problem for people like me is that I am in the minority. Rockstar fans love this shit.

Which sucks for me, because I do truly believe that Rockstar makes the most cohesive, mechanically-sound, deeply-detailed immersive gameplay experiences in the industry. GTAV is a technical landmark, far outpacing everything before it and, in a huge variety of ways, still miles ahead of anything that has come after it. I want to be happier playing around in Rockstar’s worlds, but they work their hardest to make it unpleasant to occupy them.

It would move the needle soooo far for me if they toned down the embedded cynicism. Like I’m not even saying “tell a happy story!” I’m just saying, every now and then, suggest that there is good in your world beyond two or more shitheads bound by blood.