How ‘Carrion’ Built Empathy for Its Fleshy Monster

In most video games, you are being hunted by grotesque things that linger in the dark, and part of the magic in Carrion is having the roles reversed, with players tossed into the role of the fleshy beast. Equal parts The Blob and The Thing, Carrion is a unique horror experience, where the science experiment gone wrong has been cast into an unexpected new role: hero.

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This interview is great. That guys is very funny!

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A fantastic game that’s well-deserving of the accolades it’s getting. One thing I’m curious about is the lack of in-game map. Though if Patrick asked that question, I can see these guys responding with ‘Why would a monster need a map’ :smiley:

Otherwise, I noticed one small error in the piece, under the Predator cutline. Long-term journo/editor here so I’m paranoid about that stuff!