How could Nintendo do Battle Royale?

Ive been thinking a lot about wanting a Battle Royale game on the switch and a thought popped into my mind. It’s been awhile since I’ve played this game so it may not work as well as I’m thinking but what about a Kirby air ride Battle Royale game? Ride around the map crash into other people get the super rides if you collect all the parts.

Not sure if this would work but still an idea. What other Nintendo franchises Would you like to see get a Battle Royale mode?

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100 Marios trying to jump on each other.


100 Foxes drop into Final Destination


Metroid probably has the best combo of gear, maps and setting for a BF game

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Splatoon 100 Squid Showdown.


50 Paper Marios and 50 pairs of scissors

Buncha Marios and Luigis trying to throw turnips and pow blocks at each other.

Urban Champion: Riot

If you connect 100 headset accessories to 100 phones and drop them on top of a Switch, you’re already playing Battle Royale (with that unique Nintendo twist)!

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I mean the ground work is there:


100 people drop into a Target with one Switch and the last one standing get’s the console and a life time jail sentence for multiple homicides. Or at least one if the Target has a bathtub to hide in but they’ll have had to have killed at least one person

First thing I thought of was this 128 Mario gamecube demo:


I’ve actually thought about this a lot? Here’s what I’ve come up with.

  • Splatoon: Everyone Super Jumps to a part of the map, can affect where you fall while falling from the Super Jump. Find health pickups, weapons, fashion upgrades, one time use specials (which include the movement based ones you can use as temporary vehicles). Circle gets smaller with ink storm effects outside of it.
  • Mario Kart: Parachute in like flying in MK8. Find kart piece upgrades, balloons (see: health), and pickups (either you can carry a few of em at a time or they’re really plentiful). Circle gets smaller with red shells outside the circle that will hunt you.
  • Kirby Air Ride - City Trial. 100 Karts. Go.
  • Smash Bros. - Take a DK cannon into a different part of the map (since it’s a 2D plane). Great Cave Offensive. 1 stock. Use DK barrels to get around quickly in lieu of vehicles. As circle closes, floors become lava and spikes.
  • Breath of the Wild - Glider in, but can only use glider for how much stamina you have. Collect weapons (melee & bows), gear, arrows, bombs, hearts, stamina, food, fairies, etc. Able to interact with world like in the game (chop a tree down and launch it at someone). Find horses and the occasional motorbike in the world for vehicles. Guardians patrol outside of circle.
  • Kid Icarus - Glide into a part of the map. Multiplayer fighting works basically exactly like it did in Uprising, but able to find weapons and gear around the map. The vehicles in Uprising would be used to get around too (thought they wouldn’t be nearly as powerful). Slowly turn to stone by Medusa when outside the circle.
  • Custom Robo - I mean, I think this one explains itself.

Holy shit, the idea of a 100-person competitive Metroidvania is amazing!

This is the one I want most but also the least likely to have the player count :confused:

EDIT: I could see this working really well with 16 player matches though.


I like the BOTW example but what about runes? Would you get all the runes from the beginning or would they even be considered?

There could be way more chaos if everyone was running around using Stasis on every other player or Magnesis on metal boxes scattered around the world.

Nintendo Labo Battle Royale


100 Waluigis descend on an island to do battle with each other and their own sense of inadequacy.

The last survivor is numbah wan.

Animal Crossing: 100 villagers arrive on a train and compete to see who can catch a specific rare fish/bug/whatever first. Nets, rods, etc. can be found as gifts from animal villagers or bought at Nook’s store, but there’s limited amounts and no-one has any starting money. First person to catch the target thing gets to be Mayor.

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100 player Arms.

Or, like they did with Bayonetta, get an exclusive deal with Turtle Rock, and make a 80 human, 20 monster version of Evolve.