How Did 'Dead Game' Become an Insult?

Which is really funny because before “dead game” came around the equivalent insult for MMOs was “maintenance mode”, implying an end of support and a slow limp toward the grave. FFXI was officially declared to be in maintenance mode as of 2015 but has continued to receive better support than a lot of “active” MMOs.

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This reminds me of something a friend told me about his Warhammer Fantasy miniatures group. (This is all second hand and I’m not a Warhammer person so if some of these details are off my bad). They were having a conversation and someone brought up that they wished Games Workshop would bring back an older product line\game that they had discontinued years ago. To which my friend replied ‘you know you can just play that game, it’s not gone.’ Like, if you thought 2nd edition 40K was the best you can play it, the books are around.


This is true: see also the tendency of people to bemoan a new edition of their favourite RPG system as if they can’t just keep playing the old one they like so much. (Although, at least with D&D, that sort of does happen - I even know of a group who stuck with 4th edition - and there’s less of the “we also want to sell you an entirely new set of miniatures” thing that Games Workshop tags onto their new editions.)