How do you beat level 6

Help I’m stuck on level 6


I could never beat it ether just use the shortcut to skip it.

The post-credits level? You don’t need to unless you’re trying to unlock route B and the beach mission.

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if you go left instead of right at the start of the level you can jump up the rocks and theres a special sword power-up there that should help you beat level 6

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Gamers always expect to be able to beat level 6, but that’s just not how life works. We don’t all make it through level 6.

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Well then you’d better go catch it


i feel incredibly owned

Uh, was level six supposed to be hard?

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We’ve all been there. Did you use the cat hair to create a fake moustache and then disguise yourself as a man without a moustache yet?

You have to remove the cartridge and replace it with a copy of Trog.

PSA: The only way to get the TRUE ending is if you put on the cursed goblin helmet on level 3 and then open the blue chest on level 6, BUT only do this if you put a water gem in your sword on level 4, otherwise you have to find the secret Wish Wizard in level 6, which is obviously the only way to get a water gem post level 4, but I don’t have to tell you that.

watch my let’s play walkthrough on rutube

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you actually have to close your ds & reopen it

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Fun fact: this level has a reputation for being unfairly hard because of a bug in the enemy spawn script… It’s using your character level to determine which enemies to spawn, and how many, instead of the game level!

If you’re OK starting over and just mainline through the first levels without doing any side objectives or extra challenges you can apparently be as low as level 8 when you reach this one (check out this incredible speedrun), which is so much more manageable than the level 25 I was at when I first played it! It wanted me to fight 3 Cybergoths at the same time!

If you’re a completionist like me you can go back to the earlier levels from the post-credits chapter select and do everything you skipped :slight_smile:


Yeah this one is especially tough because just relying on memorizing enemy placement and travel paths isn’t enough.

I hear utilizing the 3/8 A-press technique can be super useful here though.


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