How do you eat a kiwi?

  • bite
  • peel

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With your mouth


Cut it in half and squeeze the good bits out. I’m a monster.


Slice into halves, spoon that shit.


Wait, is that outside part edible?


Oddly enough, I don’t think I could ever just bite into one…but I’ll eat the skin if it’s sliced.

Better ratio of fuzz to fruit, I suppose.


give me a spheroid and i’ll eat it like an apple


Pretty sure I’ve only had it pre-sliced or in fruit salads or whatever… The skin looks unappetizing though


Cut it in half and use a spoon.


you take the kiwi and then you give it to someone you don’t like and let them figure it out because it is a kiwi


It is and it’s good


I don’t eat a kiwi


Damn it. Now I need to buy a kiwi.


they’re all good bits[quote=“Lykos, post:3, topic:1548, full:true”]
Cut it in half and squeeze the good bits out. I’m a monster.


I tried this scoop method but then started just doing another cut into quarters and eating them like that.


Listen, not liking Kojima is basically correct, but kiwis? C’mon now.


just shove that little guy into your mouth


they’re the hideo kojima of fruit


That’s the Hideo Kojima of forum posts.


Mr Kojima came to see me and gave me a kiwi and said I should figure out how to best eat it.

Again, I thought he was kidding but soon realised that Mr Kojima was serious.