How do you eat a kiwi?


Hold it over a garbage can.

Now open your hand.


Who the hell bites into a kiwi?!:confused:

Cut it in half a use a spoon like a civilized person.


my mouth is the garbage can


uses immense force of will not to make a horney joke


came here to post this…well done


This is Waypoint, is it not? I’m pretty sure the horny is implied.


please keep my topics horn-free


I’m changing my answer I would eat a kiwi if it had horns


if your kiwi has a horn you should get a refund


But that skin can be bitter in a good way, though.


If your kiwi has a horn it may be a dragon fruit.


You don’t do EITHER of these.

You’re SUPPOSED to cut them in half and scoop out the inside.
I’d know, I’m a kiwi.


well i wasn’t sure but it’s in your username so i’ll mark you as the authority here


Peel that shit.

Eat that shit.


This one knows what is up


I used to eat it with a spoon like a boiled egg but since learning that it’s totally ok to just bite into it my life has never been the same. Seriously, try it.


So many biters, I’ve finally found my people :blush:


I shed tears of joy when I read this topic. All my life I thought I was the only person who ate kiwis by biting straight into them, without peeling them, eating the skin and all. Finally I know I’m not alone in this world.


Cut in half, spoon it out. You can get all the meat out, barely any stays on the skin.


I looked at the “bite” image too long and started getting sweats, thank you for setting these people on the true and righteous path