How do you eat a kiwi?


Cut it in half and eat it with a spoon friebd


cut the ends off and go to town. the skin is sooooo good!


Slice it into pieces and put it on a pavlova like a civilised human being


I love kiwi. Usually I often have one kiwi in my food container. I prefer to clean peel then slice


I used to slice it in half and then use a spoon, but I’ve changed to slicing it in maybe three slices. Easier and more meat with each bite.
Honestly didn’t know that people eat the skin. Need to try it.


‘cutting in half’ is probably then easier to get the fruit meat out of the other part but that idea literally never occurred to me - I always cut one end off and then eat it with a teaspoon
or! peel and slice and put on scones or something, I’ve done, which was nice


I bite, because I’m lazy and it’s one less utensil to clean. Also “they” say that most of the nutrients of fruit and veggies are in the skin, so I get to pat myself on the back there.


I didn’t know anyone just bit into it. What is the skin like? I don’t mind biting peaches is it like that?


A little. The skin is kinda tough like a peach’s, but the hairs are more coarse. It can make your tongue tingle or go a little numb.


Cut it in half and slurp out the interior.


I blend my kiwis. Like I do with all my fruits and vegetables. Because I’m a child you see.


I peel green kiwis like an apple.

But golden kiwis - those are amazing. They have no fuzz and fewer seeds. They are sweet and delicious, and I will often eat the whole fruit with the skin on just so that I can get at 'em as fast as possible.


Peel and then cut it into circles I guess. I haven’t had one in years though.


i uhhhh think it says something bad about me that I thought this thread was about the bird, not the fruit.

I was very concerned.


I cut it in half lengthwise and then cut each of those pieces in half lengthwise. Then I just eat it without a spoon, leaving the skin for the compost bin. Now I need to add Kiwis to my grocery list. =)


As a pescatarian i refuse to eat anything with fur.

You all sicken me.


Slice it and scoop it


Cut into two pieces and then spoon it.


in kiwi by-products.


As a human Kiwi, this poll is insulting. The true way to eat a kiwifruit is to slice it in half and scoop out the delicious flesh. We even developed special spoons to help us in this task.

The skin is edible, but it’s sour and fuzzy, sometimes bitter. Who wants to eat that?