How do you eat a kiwi?


where’s my cut in half and scoop out with a spoon option


The only correct answer.


In bird-kiwi culture, eating a kiwi is considered a dick-move. :wink:


I’ve always though you were supposed to bite kiwi and had no idea you could peel it for years. I’ve discovered that most people peel it while at school trip where everyone were staring at me when I bit into my kiwi.


i dont eat akiwi


You love the kiwi.


I cant imaging biting a kiwi like an apple…


I bit a kiwi like an apple once and it was a singularly unpleasant and confusing sensory experience yet left me with a strange desire to only eat kiwis in that way from then on. I have so far resisted that urge and am yet to give in to the siren song of the Kiwi’s disgusting fuzzy skin layer


It is good to eat after peel. The outside part of kiwi is not good to eat without peel.


This is the correct, hidden, option.


Peel it, slice it, stick it in a blender with chunks of pineapple and mango, porridge oats, coconut milk and a dash of orange juice.


This is the only right answer


I cut the kiwi into quarters. Then I eat the flesh out of the quarters.



The skin gives it a nice sour taste, which is a prelude to the sweet kiwi organs.


I can’t believe no one has posted the objectively correct answer of eating it in one whole bite


But then you’ll eat the stems and cut your mouth :cry:


Stoooop! You and the poll are both void of correct approaches!

We all agreed the best way was to cut and scoop!