How do you eat croutons in a salad?


If you try and poke them with your fork they just break?


This may be disturbing to some, so I’ll put it as spoiler text: I wait until they are soggy with dressing, and then I poke them with my fork!


scoop em like a spoon/ say fuck it and just grab em


With my fingers.


real gamers just eat croutons like chips


with my mouth!!! haha thats a joke


I always carry a pair of chopsticks with me just for this occasion


I jab them with my fork and hope they don’t crumble to dust.


You’re implying I would ever stoop to eating a salad and break from my 100% carnivore diet that I have because I AM A MASCULINE AUTHORITY FIGURE


Eat them out of a giant bag before they ever make it to a salad


sometimes i like to pour croutons in a bowl, put dressing on them (balsamic vinaigrette or caesar ONLY) and then just eat them with my fingers. love the cronch


Stick 'em in a tasty soup.

Crunchy friends in a liquid broth.


Totally saltine crackers you’re thinking of


I use the ol’ fork scoop method where I poke the prongs through as many leaves as possible then scoop it under the crouton in a sort of pseudo-balancing act that basically rarely works. Salad is an underrated frustrating food tbh


See, if you just forget about bowls and instead lie down and prepare the salad in your open mouth you don’t have this problem

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