How Do You... Not Waste Your Entire Day On The Internet?


You wake up on your first day off, it’s 7:30 AM.

You decide to check your Youtube subscriptions, then Twitter, then your favorite forum/s then you spend the next several hours switching between them and next thing you know it’s 2:00 PM. Eventually, you’re not even really watching videos or reading posts, your eyes have totally glazed over.

How do you avoid doing this and make the most out of the rest of your day, or just not fall in the trap in the first place? Asking for, ummmm, a friend. Yeah, a friend.


I deleted twitter. And I leave my phone in rooms I’m not in on purpose.


By playing video games instead!

Jokes aside, also would love to hear how people manage this. For me, it’s building a routine for days off—when to eat, what things I want to get done, laying out some goals, etc. Especially mapping out what I want to do for fun and treating that the same way I’d treat something I have to work on. But it often doesn’t work that well.


I’m- I mean, my friend, is specifically looking to make more time for games, music, movies etc.


I make sure to have a book or an ebook reader on me all the time.


For starters I’m never awake before 9. Your friend is starting their day way too early. Secondly, have a list of chores that need doing so that your friend has to walk away from the computer. Water the plants/garden, feed the fish, dishes, laundry, mow grass, etc. Thirdly, add a long password to your friend’s phone so that it is inconvenient to check it every 5 seconds.


This is something I run into on most mornings, it takes a lot of browsing and “just one more” video watching before I’ll work up the nerve to get out of bed. One part of this that doesn’t help is if I’ve got a number of things before I need to do right away in the mornings, washing dishes to make breakfast, taking laundry out of the dryer, etc.

My recommendations would be:

  • Set an alarm a fair distance away from the bed, enough to require standing up to go turn it off
  • Make sure anything that can be done the night before, is already done
  • Unless you’re like me and have a cat that demands to be fed first thing in the morning, force yourself into the shower before anything else, the hot water helps for fully waking up

Getting into exercise helps a lot. It’s not particularly easy to get into working out, but once you do it becomes a pretty powerful habit, at least in my experience. Exercise is also pretty good at shaking me out of the sort of twitter/youtube malaise you are describing and even if I fall back into it after going to the gym I still feel like I accomplished something for the day.

The gym is also a great place to catch up on music or podcasts you want to listen to. I save a lot of my favorite podcast for the gym so it serves as an extra motivation to go. Every episode of Lore Reasons I’ve listened to has been at the gym. I might have to stop doing that since I nearly burst out laughing in the middle of a bench press last time and that felt pretty dangerous.


My hard rule is: if I click the bookmark for the page I am already on, I close my laptop and do something else.