How Do You Open A Banana?

  • From The Stem’s End
  • From The Seed’s End

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Needs more options.

  • With a knife
  • With a spoon
  • From within
  • I eat it as is
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And of course there’s always this option:


I have taught my 3 year old niece how to open a Banana correctly (Seeds End), Creating a monster that screams at anyone daring to open a banana not in line with our eventual ape overlords.


You open from the seed’s end folks! Generally I’ll use a knife and cut off the “bottom” though as it’s usually a bit more difficult to open. But you get the seed’s out of the way from the very start and get to enjoy banana goodness!


  1. squeeze that sucker until the whole thing pops out of its hideous prison sending the sweet flesh inside into a graceful airborne tumble
  2. eat the aforementioned flesh out of the sky in one bite for maximum naner eating action

…but if it’s more difficult to open from the bottom why open it from the bottom?

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Because the right thing to do isn’t always the easy thing to do.

Yes, the stem provides good leverage for opening the banana, but it can lead to bruising the banana meat.

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The hardest part is making sure nobody hears you say “Oooo, Banana!”


How do you bruise a banana by opening it? I’m left with even more questions.

This reminds me of a conversation I overheard in school. I was waiting between classes and there were a bunch of 3Ls talking in the atrium, and my ears pricked up for someone reason mid-talk about bananas. Some guy was going on about how bananas were the only food in the world that doesn’t go bad. Doesn’t matter how long you leave them out, they won’t rot.

He more or less immediately got called on it by a woman pointing out that she had left bananas out and they had gotten all brown and shriveled. Instead of backing down, banana guy doubled down hard and insisted that they might LOOK like they’re bad, but the inside is still perfectly edible and won’t make you sick.

Just your daily reminder that even highly educated people can be unbelievably stupid outside of their particular niche.

I mean to say the banana will get mushy if you aren’t careful opening it with the stem. I suppose the reasoning behind opening from the seed end is if you’re going to open it with your nails or a knife or something, in a way that won’t hurt the insides, you might as well be able to remove the seed at the same time?

By no means am I a banana expert. We might need to consult Donkey Kong on this one.

I think I found a picture of Donkey Kong eating a banana from the seed side


You just pinch the seed end with two fingers and thumb and it opens, no tools needed.


Waypoint’s Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek need to issue a public apology for shaming seed-enders.


I recently started just breaking them in half…

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From the banana butt

I usually claw it open, at the base of the stem. I hate it when its gets mushed.

okay i understand the whole DIY “it’s a banana how hard can it be” mentality (i was the same, once) but PLEASE get yourselves down to an accredited fruitsmith, because you are putting yourselves and everyone around you at risk


This entire thread is based on a false premise, because the ass end of the banana doesn’t have a seed in it. That little firm nub at the bottom isn’t the banana seed, it’s just a slightly more firm part of the banana flesh like an apple or pineapple core.


Sounds like someone who doesn’t want to admit that they’re opening the banana on the wrong end

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Sounds like someone doesn’t want to be judged for wanting to touch banana bottoms. :thinking:

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