How Do You Open A Banana?


Throughly mash it while it’s still in the peel, pour it out like a smoothie. It’s 2018 people


bananas dont have seeds . a myth




Why should I believe you when you don’t even know which end of a banana is the bottom? Bananas grow from the stem up, thus the stem end is the bottom.


See also: Mario Kart


Do you think Nintendo has an internal document that states which end of the banana DK is supposed to always eat from?


I just bite down, crunch it straight in half. Can’t let that nutritious peel go to waste.

side note

Stem’s End and Seed’s End sound like fantasy towns


That’s a good question. You might be right. I didn’t look that hard but I can’t remember many pictures of DK eating bananas as it is. Most of the time in pictures where bananas are presented to donkey Kong, they are stem up:

But I also found this picture
The stem is clearly down.

So I’d guess you’re right that the Donkey Kong Brand Bible says something along the lines of Donkey Kong peels from the top of the banana, but otherwise holds it stem up?

And if you’re wondering “why does Glorgu care so much about this?” well, me too!


The more devisive question would be at what stage you like to eat a banana. I’ve seen people devour those things when the peel was still green. It was traumatizing.

Also, do you go out of your way to remove those strings (the internet tells me they’re called phloem bundles?).


this is what I read


I do both? Like opening from the bottom is easier but also way more prone to getting bits of banana flesh on your hand.


So you’re kind of a banana centrist. Both sides have problems


It doesn’t matter which end you start at. The best way to eat a banana is to peel the whole thing, toss the skin then eat it.


I just cut down the center and peel there and take a bite right out of the middle


Grab the stem and end with each hand. Bite down into the delicious peel from end to end. Throw out the worthless, mushy banana cob.


100% agree. Full banana engagement.


Glad to see the correct answer winning.


What do people mean by if you open a banana up from the stem it will get bruised? How can you tell if the banana gets bruised or not? I open bananas from the stem end and have no idea if I am bruising the banana or not.


I shudder to think of all the people I’ve known and loved and liked, who might be people who open a banana from the bottom, as in not the stem, and here I was, unawares, naive. I can never trust again.


I have not eaten a banana in years, but my dogs like them. So recently I had to open a banana again after not doing so for like 7ish years. I have forgotten how to open banana’s. I used to do it fine it was easy just pop that stem and eat your banana. Now i have to fucking slit the banana’s throat.
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