How Do You Open A Banana?


I’m a seed-ender, and I’m proud of it.

Although it just totally depends on the ripeness of your banana! If I feel the peel is thin and leathery, I’ll probably open it from stem-end because that part is easily torn with the leverage of the stem. HOWEVER, if the peel is a bit thicker and the banana is still under-ripe, i’ll pinch the seed-end and its easily opened that way.


I didn’t even consider that it might be possible to open a banana from the bottom this has shaken my entire worldview to its very core



Hang on, where do people think the seeds in a banana are?


Eat it as it is??
I wouldn’t do that… the peel doesn’t taste good (my opinion)


Bottom’s up or it doesn’t count! It’s so much easier, and you don’t have to deal with all the mush at the stem.


i’m a lot more confused about bananas than i was before i read this thread

also i’m one of those weirdos who eats bananas when the peel’s still green and it’s because i don’t like it when they’re too sweet


The real question is: WHY do you open a banana?


Okay, so I get (most of) the better-to-open-from-the-tip arguments. But. I certainly can’t open a banana from the blunt end without getting, erm, tip gunk all over my fingers, which to me, kinda defeats the purpose of the banana’s utility as a handy on-the-go snack. If your “superior opening method” (thanks to my pal A. Strawman for the quote) means that I’ll need to clean my hands after, its relative mechanical elegance is moot.