How do you play JRPGs?


I received really good advice before I played Awakening, which was: don’t worry about fucking up too much and just pair whoever you want together. It’s not such an extremely hard game that you’re going to ruin any character to the point where they’re unusable.

People rail against Awakening for introducing the “eugenics” system with the kids and while I think it’s totally fair to find it weird, it’s all in how you use it imo. If you’re following guides extremely closely and only pairing characters based on the child’s stats then yeah that’s a pretty weird way of going about it imo. I played that game just casually pairing people together based on how cute/funny/etc their support convos were and ended up with deeper connections to the characters and child units that were still extremely strong! Made it a lot more fun than working off a stats spreadsheet.


I’ve maintained a hard rule against using guides ever since I used one for Shining Force as a child, and spoilt the experience of discovering things for myself. That being said, I’m not against asking a friend for advice.


I rarely use guides, but I am increasingly worried when starting these types of games about my character and levelling. In the past I had time to replay these games, so any mistakes made were easily rectified (if spending hours and hours re-doing something it classed as easy), but now I know going in that this will be my only playthrough. Therefore I feel under pressure not to make any big mistakes. I am not bothered about the perfect run or anything, but I want my party to be pretty good at least, and therefore I do sometimes look around the internet for any “don’t be this type of character/don’t level this aspect of a skill” type posts.


I will use walkthroughs and other guides, i enjoy reading through them and the feeling of shared knowledge and appreciation that they foster. Especially the ones you can tell were done with a lot of passion for the material they’re desiccating.