How do you pronounce "Xehanort"?


I did it, I stumbled on the ultimate question that will decide the fate of the Waypoint community and probably tear us apart.

  • “Ze-Ha-Nort”
  • “Zee-Ha-Nort”
  • “Ze-A-Nort”
  • “Zee-A-Nort”
  • “Reform Copyright Law”

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For me, a person who has not played a KH game since 2 and remembers practically nothing about them, the answer is clearly “Ze-Ha-Nort”



I mean, “Smash Capitalism”.


Oh dip damn, one comment in and we’ve already gotten wet and wild. Remember that there are children who may be using this forum.



I voted without reading all of the options, and now Mickey Mouse will never be public domain.


Yes, you fell for my trap.



Now hear me out, these two have way more in common they you might first think:

  • Associated with the colour black
  • Definitely evil, but could maybe become a friend in the future?
  • Interactive menus


Is the xenomorph evil? It, the tyranid and the zerg just exist to consume and propagate, but are they evil, or simply fufilling an evolutionary necessity?

Bet’cha didn’t expect philosophy, but I’m nothing if not a well-rounded patron of the arts.


It’s clearly Zenahort.


Like a really prolonged pronunciation of “snort”


Key-ha-nort, obviously


i’m 100% sure the first time i heard the name xehanort was after mark hamill had said it for the first time

it’s definitely “zay-hah-nort”


wh… what’s the difference between ze and zee


Think I’m gonna go with X-ha-nort.


“ze” is read in a comically bad French accent


I was trying to think of a funny answer as to why I didn’t type “Xe” phonetically as “Zay” but, I like this explanation.


In middle school music class multiple kids insisted to me that xylophone was pronounced “ecks-a-phone” and I knew they were wrong and got so impotently mad that I have remembered it forever and came here to make this joke.

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