How Do You Record Video Game Clips (A Reply To The Community Video Game Clip Thread)

I wanted to post this in the Community Video Game Clip Thread but didn’t want to derail it so thought I’d post it here. How do you go about getting your video game clips? Specifically asking for PC people since I feel like PS4 is slightly more straight forward. Are you just recording all the time? Seems like that’d be actual work to gather short social media clips that way. Do you prefer uploading to YouTube then posting to other social media (specifically Twitter) or straight to Twitter? Just some normal questions.

It’s not my favourite, since it’s fixed length and thus requires manual editing, but I like using Nvidia Share set to like 5 mins, which makes it relatively easy to capture cool highlights on a keypress (for the games that don’t destabilise by using the overlay, but I kind of need an upgrade).
I then use Sony Vegas (paid) or Da-Vinchi Resolve (free) to trim down the video and render it back out.

The only quibble I have with this system is I like listening to podcast / watching stuff while playing, so if the cool highlight happens while you’re watching stuff it’ll also record that.


Twitter is going to make your videos (and images) look like shit so put it on youtube first then share that. Also the PS4 export to twitter is capped at 2 minutes, so that’s no good because sometimes you get a 1500 point Rocket League game or defeat a level 15 Wyvern in the Witcher 3 when you’re only level 7 and that shit is cool and longer than 2 minutes.


Windows 10 has video-game recording built into it. You can press WIN + G to open a game bar that allows you to record, take screenshots, etc (or enable background recording if you’ve never opened it on a specific game before) and you can press WIN + ALT + G to store the last 30 seconds of gameplay as an MP4.

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Personally I don’t trust any gameplay video unless its a cell phone capture off the screen by somebody’s little sibling. Bonus points if they complain that their arms are getting tired. Double bonus points if it keeps going in and out of focus.


on PC with a Nividia card is easy, because of Nividia’s built in capture tool. It can be a little fiddly at first but if you bind the keys right (I think the Record function defaults to like F9, which for a lot of older games is Quick Load) it can be very quick. It also saves the videos in a really organized file structure.

Windows also has a capture tool, but its not fantastic imo.

Always upload to a video service before sharing (YouTube is still my go-to) because Twitter will kill the image quality.

I also appreciate a good handi-cam style though. I mostly use my phone to shoot my screen when I just want to send something to a friend lol

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Thanks everyone! I have AMD and was using ReLive but didn’t know if that was the way to go but sounds like that’s perfectly acceptable/about as simple as the process gets. I just want to share neat moments is all.

EDIT: At work so just put my classic sign-off in here and now I feel slightly more hollow than before.

For PC footage I generally use Nvidia’s built-in tool, yeah. I have record set to the hotkey ALT+R. I don’t bother with “flashback” recording or whatever (where you can tell it to save clips after the fact) because I don’t like the stress that would put on various parts of my system (HDD, etc.)

I only have a PS4, but I try not to use Sony’s built-in capture tools. It’s good for “holy shit, I couldn’t have predicted that” moments but it’s capped at 30fps and isn’t super easy to get off the console and on to my PC. (I used to have a USB thumb drive I’d use, but it got REALLY hot this one time and the PS4 won’t read from it anymore, even though my PC still will)

When I built my current PC back in 2016 I splurged on an Elgato HD60 Pro, so I use that for any and all console footage.

I also have something called a “Easycap USB 2.0” for SD footage, but I haven’t needed that for a while.

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I have been having a fantastic year using Nvidia’s capture stuff. I play PUBG with a pretty tight knit squad and I love the idea that I’m gonna have these clips when I’m old and grey.

Here is an example from the ongoing playlist I’ve been making over the last two years
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Since I have a worthless intel card, I just use an open source program called OBS. It’s also really popular among streamers and LPers.


I have found the nvidia tool to be good for video game clips, but for whatever reason their overlay breaks the discord overlay on my PC, so I tend to disable it most of the time. Has anyone else run into this?

My current setup:

  • Voice Meter Banana: gives me control over audio so I can keep my discord chat separate from the video

  • Open Broadcast System: Actual recording program, open source and you can do some cool stuff that the built in ones can’t do

  • Vegas Pro: This is for editing, got it in a humble bundle so keep your eyes out for it in the future if you don’t mind dropping $15 otherwise Davinci resolve served me well prior

  • Extra 1tb HDD for saving recordings to that i tell myself one day I will edit