How do you spell games that are made for one person?

Look, I’ve been searching the internet for the past 20 minutes trying to get a concrete answer and I can’t find one. Wikipedia says it has a hyphen but my high school history teacher told me that site is full of nothing but liars bent on manipulating me.

That is why I am turning to the Waypoint community.

  • Single Player
  • Singleplayer
  • Single-player
  • Single Player and Single-player
  • They are all acceptable

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space and hyphen both fine, no space is ABSURD


I have updated the poll options based on this new knowledge.

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Yeah, Single-Player and Single Player are both okay (generally based on the context of the sentence they’re in). Singleplayer is wrong.


I mean technically it’s single player. Unless you’re describing the games specifically then it’s definitely single-player games. The hyphen gets used when the two words preceding the third are describing it. I don’t remember where I learned this. An actual grammar nerd might know more.

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I have discovered that Valve may be conducting other damages against the gaming community as a whole.


It’s spelled “solitaire.”


Adding this to my list of reasons Steam is unusable trash.


Singleplayer. You know exactly what I’m talking about and we’re all adults here with busy schedules, do we really need to waste time with the spaces and hyphens

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Singleplayer, single player, single-player
Multiplayer, multi player, multi-player
Videogames, video games, video-games
Language is malleable and all of them have made sense to me.

Alternately… single-player but multiplayer but video games for as much absolute mass confusion possible

(those are weirdly the ones that look right to me but yeah no one’s ever going to misunderstand any of these options)

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Hyphens are for centrists. Pick a side cowards!

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Glad we got to the bottom of this.


Y’all talking about ‘single-player’ when you should be talking about ‘single-payer’ that’s right it’s UNIVERSAL HEALTHCAAAAAAAAA-


I’m going to start exclusively referring to them as “uniplayer” and “multiple-player” from now on.


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