How do you track things you want to read/watch/play?

For a long time now I’ve just kept a Google doc that I add names of things to but it’s reaching a point where I kind of want to move it to something designed to handle lists like this. Mainly because I find myself wanting to experience something in a genre category (e.g. sci-fi, horror, etc) but when I pull up the list I don’t remember what categories everything is in. So I just spend a lot of time manually looking things up to see if it strikes me as the thing to watch or read.

Does anyone have any recommendations for list management?

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I use Evernote…I think like 1/4 of my brain is stored there. I have different notebooks for games, music, recipes, movies, books and datasets. You can use tags for where you got the idea from.

I just finished Reality Is Broken by Jane McGonigal because the Economist apparently wrote about it in 2012 and took a pic of it.

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I use OneNote and Excel. But depending on the kind of person you are you can use various websites kind of designed for this.
You can use goodreads or your library if they have a system for books, letterboxd for movies, and I’m sure there something for games that isn’t also a storefront. I end up not using those websites for lists because I forget to use them.
For me, honestly, I use my journal. It’s an actual physical book I write in and I put dates by the stuff so I don’t forget when I thought of it. My gaming policy of the last four or five years of not buying new things unless I have played to my personal completion the old things I have has worked wonders to actually keep my list very small. It’s similar with books for me.
I don’t have a huge backlog because I’ve forced myself to actively engage with the stuff I already have. There are books I would’ve put on my list in years pasts that I don’t consider now because I know I’m not really going to read it. I’d, at most, get it from the library and renew it twice and return it without getting past the first page, so why bother.


I have a pocket sized moleskin that I have for—oh my god I am just now realizing how long it has been—the past nines written every book that I read and buy along with where I got it. It is a wonderful thing to have with me and I just lost about 10 minutes to flipping through it.

For movies, I tend to keep a log of those in my calendar/planner be it something I am watching at home or in the theater.

Games I write about in my journal because I find that I find it helpful and interesting to write about what I react and respond to in games.

As to “want” list, I have a page in my journal where I write stuff down and often include publication/premier dates in my calendar. I have sometimes sorted this list by categories or genre but often times I write a little description of what it is and why I responded to it in the moment. I have found over the years that taking the extra step to write something down on paper makes me much more likely to only write down things that I am genuinely interested in and things I am more likely to remember; for a while I kept a Google doc but the ease of surfing the web and casually copying and pasting stuff into the doc rendered it comically long and pretty useless after a while.


I really enjoy Airtable as a media tracker. They make it incredibly easy to create spreadsheets and relational databases without having to know functions or SQL. Lots of flexibility, clean user interface, and tons of templates to get you started.

Here’s an example of the template they have for tracking your Favorite Movies.

I’ve also used it manage the inventory of a community library I used to run and the characters and plot of a D&D campaign I’ve been writing. Highly recommended!

Happy to send folks an invite link via email. You’ll get a $10 credit which you can use towards expanded features (more file attachment space, style options, etc). Though I’ve found that the base version provides everything I’ll ever need.

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I have the feeling that the OP is looking for digital options but I used to use a spiral notebook, and now a dry erase board, which works great for things I want to play/watch/read/remember.

Goodreads is decent way to keep track of books you’ve read and its free. I use that for a backup, but Ive been using the same spiral notebook since 2016 to note down books read, etc.

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If you’re looking for a good android app to make lists with, I can’t recommend Wunderlist enough:

I have a category in there called ‘Movies to Watch’ which I can just check off when I’ve seen them. It makes a satisfying little sound when you press it too.

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