How Empathy and Vulnerability Radically Transformed My View of Video Games


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I don’t have any sort of intelligent response to this except, as someone else who in her adult life is finally beginning to connect with emotions, this is a very intense read and it’s good to know someone else knows that feeling. Incredible writing by Mr. Klepek.


I remember the reaction to some of Patrick’s stories in the comment section of Giantbomb, huge threads that I was actually interested in reading because I was hoping a tide was turning when it came to talking about videogames, but… not so much. Common undercurrent of not even wanting to discuss anything below the superficial level when it came to games. Keep politics out of my games, etc.


Man, growth - particularly emotionally - is so hard to recognize when it’s happening, but this essay pushed me to search out how specifically my own emotional growth has occurred in the time frame discussed within. I think I’m about a decade younger than Patrick is but I can remember similar experiences of growth and learning about the emotional self between 2012-18 and I’m grateful that Patrick could articulate this sense so well here


Patrick, this was incredible. Thanks.