How Far Have You Gone To Ensure You Could Keep Playing a Game?

Dragging a PC across state lines might be in the cards, to ensure murder continuity.

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Unless the game is on a system that I can carry around like the 3DS, Vita, smart phone, and now Switch I usually go without play games if I’m out. Admittedly I haven’t travel far yet so if I wanted to play my bigger games other than Switch games, I would only grab my good ass gaming laptop with it AC adapter and 360 controller and also make sure I download the games I want to play.

I once lied to the production company responsible for producing a short film I wrote (said I was sick, totally wasn’t) in order to skip out on principal photography and play, of all things, Disney Infinity.

EDIT: More in the spirit of the thread, I’ll also mention the time I hopped from Gamestop to Gamestop looking for a 60GB backwards compatible PS3 so I could practice for a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 tournament at that weekend’s PAX. Once I was done lugging around that huge thing on a flight to Boston, I realized that I was too tired to practice in my hotel room, and that the tournaments were relatively goofy, casual ways to pass time at PAX, so I ended up not even doing it.

I remember moving for work around the time Dragon Age II came out. With my prized 20 GB white Xbox 360 still in a moving truck across the country, I bit the bullet and bought a 360 slim just so I didn’t have to wait a week to experience BioWare’s latest. Don’t think I’ll ever do something like that again, but at least I have a functional 360 still now that my original one went kaput.

EDIT: I also forgot to add, I paid extra for the package with the Kinect because that was all that Best Buy had at the time. Ugh, I was dumb.

The most I’ve ever done has been waking up earlier to sneak in a few moments with PUBG before heading off to work. My day normally starts around 7am, but I’ve been known to be up at 5 or 6 when PUBG calls. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to fit it into my schedule because my free time after work is consistently packed.

I was on vacation to France and wanted to play Super Smash Bros Brawl as soon as possible, so I brought my Wii. When I got there my mom managed to rent a crappy blocky TV for about a week, because the place we were staying at didn’t have one. In hindsight it wasn’t the greatest choice, but I guess 9 year old me didn’t know better.

I used to work at a boy scout camp, and I’d volunteer there every few weekends during the off-season. On one of the weekends, I didn’t specifically have a job to do or anything to be there for, but they asked me to come anyway. I stayed in this little cabin with a friend and two people I’d never met. Before we left, we decided that we wanted to play Donkey Kong Country, and I stuffed a fifteen year old VHS/TV combo that my dad used to take to football tailgates and my SNES in a backpack and we set it up on the floor. Apparently I took a video of it on my old phone. This was a dumb and unnecessary thing, and I didn’t need to do it, and the two guys I didn’t know complained about it, and I had to shut it down the next day.