How Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri Exploded the F1 Driver Market

Any longtime F1 fan who claims that they just want to see good racing, without all the team politics and soap opera aspects that so often dominate F1 coverage, is lying and being sanctimonious about it. It’s true that a major driver of F1’s growing popularity, the Drive to Survive series on Netflix, is notorious for playing-up or inventing scenarios in the same way that “reality TV” does. But there have also been entire years where F1’s stratified grid was scrupulously free of good racing, and the only thing that was interesting about it was clash of egos and talent, all armed with unimaginable riches. And still I am hard pressed to recall anything as absurd and daring as what just happened in F1, which has been thrown into chaos by a series of almost unprecedented power moves by drivers and agents. Nor can I imagine being the kind of F1 fan who would try and claim they are not entertained by this. 

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