How Gaming Rigs Grew Up to Become Battle Stations

Even before the pandemic trapped much of the world indoors, my roommate vocalized his desire to upgrade his work station, where he works with a PC, two monitors, and a work laptop. He didn't like his setup anymore: his desk didn't leave room for his iRacing setup (there wasn't enough space for his racing pedals), his chair's pneumatic suspension had broken and dropped the seat to its lowest setting, and the frame was jabbing through the padding.

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The ‘battlestation’ label has made it next to impossible to get the desk I want from IKEA. It’s always sold out. >:[


Battlestation culture has been so closely associated with “PC Master Race” bullshit that I can’t help but side eye it a little. But this was a pretty decent article highlighting the non-toxic portions of it. Still, spending $10K on a setup in the middle of a pandemic and showing it off seems a bit gauche.


I can’t really imagine having this kind of setup right now, where I have this mess of cords for the work PC and all the test kits in my small apartment. Would be nice to make one of those cool mini-ITX case builds, though.

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I want to know how they all keep their desks in such pristine condition. I bought a new mouse pad at the start of the year and my cat, who doesn’t actively try to, has managed to scuff and scratch the thing up.

I’m moving soon and I think I might actually try to make my home office area a lot more appealing this go around instead of the normal throw desk in corner put up some band posters routine that I have been doing. I’ve already realized I need a new chair ASAP and I can’t help but keep thinking back to the standing desk I had in the office.

Is it this one?

Because I can attest to this being maybe my favorite desk. When you tell people it has cup holders they laugh but not having to worry about knocking a drink over is great.

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Nah, its the desk you see in every top /r/battlestation pic. I think it’s the LIMMON / ALEX?

It looks really sleek and it’s cheap too. I think it’s around 200-300?

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the sheer amount of screen in this picture is terrifying to me. seriously, what the hell is going on


It’s funny to read through this thread as I’ve been setting up my apartment, because I don’t think I’d call my new setup a battlestation exactly, but I did find a pretty cool (and relatively inexpensive) desk that made a pretty basic gaming setup look pretty decent and homey?

Like I definitely see how this could get toxically competitive, and I agree that spending ridiculous amounts of money on a new setup right now just feels wrong. But once I put this thing together today, it just felt really chill and cozy, like I know it’s going to be something I can sit down to and really enjoy (at least once my chair arrives)