How I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse Only To Wind Up In Federal Prison

It's dawn, July 4, and the entire north-eastern region United States has collapsed. A zombie virus has wiped out most major cities and the US Army only barely has it contained. I am the Secretary of Defense, and I'm walking back from a briefing with the Pentagon when I find my fellow White House players clustered ominously around a computer screen. The Secretary of State looks up at me with a mixture of pity and amusement. "We'll visit you in federal prison," he smiles.

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I really hope we get more articles like this. The concept of actually participating in a mega game fills me with fear, but this mix of recap and social lesson is what I crave.


I agree this article was super enjoyable to read and has made me curious but, like you, scared to do so. I really do love the wacky stories which can come out of games like this.

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This does make me want to play a scaled down or excerpted chunk of such a game - still avoid the Great Man Syndrome the article talks about appearing in movies, but drilling down to something manageable for one in-person group.

The brief aside about Great Man Syndrome in film made me think of Shin Godzilla, which is as much a Bureaucracy Procedural as it is a monster movie, and all the better for it.

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Oh heavens yes, Megagames. I’ve actually been in a few of these, I can share my stories too if anybody’s interested. Here’s a recap I did for my first game:

EDIT: Fun fact, this is in fact the same game as the one France is recounting in the earlier “Intrigue of Massive Scale Megagames”, and I wrote this before I found out someone had been sending insane death threats to everyone in our name.

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