How is "what's good internet" punctuated?

  • What’s good, internet?
  • What is good internet?
  • What’s good? Internet!
  • What’s good: internet.
  • What? Is good internet?
  • “What” is good internet.

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What’s “good internet”?


What’s good? Internet!

Embrace chaos, let it all burn

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What is good internet? Does such a thing even exist?

I can tell you it’s definitely not the third option :grimacing:


I like that we now have our own version of the “I LOVE YOU, JESUS CHRIST” debate

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We are always asking if the internet is good but have we ever stopped to ask if the intranet is good?

It’s What’s good, Internet? because of all the room for changing the meaning just through emphasis.

What’s good, Internet?
What’s good, Internet?
What’s good, Internet?

what’s :clap: good :clap: internet :clap:

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