How Jaws Killed 'Ecco The Dolphin'


Novotrade International were famous for their Sega series—but in 2006, another underwater creature starred in their final release.

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This game sucked but the beginning was amazing because you had to solve some basic puzzles and then pop out of the water briefly to grab a scientist who had a keycard in his possession that let you swim out of your containment area and then you get to fight and eat a killer whale to a huge audience’s horror before escaping to the sea.

This game happened just prior to stuff like SyFy’s infinite Shark _____ movies, and if it embraced that and had a bunch of increasingly idiotic scenarios for Jaws to swim and fight its way through that would have owned, but much like Indigo Prophecy the promise of that tutorial area is cast aside for somethingawful. :smiley:


I wonder if Jaws Unleashed would have been a bigger hit had it been a Sharknado game instead.


Jaws is probably my favourite movie of all time, but it’s so bizarre how that original movie is like the pinnacle, this revered masterpiece, and everything that came after it, all the sequels, this game not to mention all of the b-movie shark movies made by the Sy Fy channel have just become this trashy culture of schlock.

I didn’t get very far, but I had Ecco the Dolphin for the Dreamcast, at the time it was this weird xen kind of experience, almost experimental - definitely imbued with the deep mystique of the ocean. I never tried Jaws Unleashed, but… I kind of want to… But then I could just play hungry shark on my phone.


I heard somewhere that this game actually started off as another Ecco the Dolphin game then was changed into a Jaws game when they got the license in order for them to make some return on it. l think the creators might have also out up a failed Kickstarter a while back.