How Long Before Every Multiplayer Game Copies ‘PUBG’?


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Fortnite’ are, most likely, only the first wave.

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I expect we’re see more smaller more nimble studios come out first with theirs in the next 3 months with the larger studios being in the 6 to 12 month range.

Calling it here that 2018 will be the year of the Battle Royale though.


Expecting either The Division or Ghost Recon from Ubisoft to gain a BR mode.


My view/wild prediction is that Nintendo added the Battle Mode into Mario Kart just in time.

edit: I’d reproach myself if I failed to mention this great joke from No Goblin’s Dan Teasdale:


I actually dig the Fortnite one, the destructible terrain adds a lot. Person hiding behind a tree or turtling up in a building? Blow it up. Will be interesting to see how squads working together will work, being able to build and fortify structures on the fly.

The one I’m surprised hasn’t been announced is a Borderlands-themed one. The setting feels like it could really work well with it.

Like, we’ve seen Dahl combat training facilities on Pandora before. Take one of those, hijack it, fill it with tons of guns and vehicles, and send in a hundred psychos and prospective vault hunters with promises of riches for the winner. All the weird mods and variables on the weapons from all the games could make scavenging for loot fun.

Alternative versions of the map could have one on the moon, with a shrinking air bubble, or bubbles that turn on and off. Or a digitalized battlefield like the Claptrap DLC.


Battle Royale



That’s it. That’s the entire idea


Battlegrounds is Battlegrounds, nothing is going to change that.

That said, it’s not like its concept is entirely novel, and even though I probably won’t be playing any other battle royale variants, I am intrigued by what other studios would be able to offer in terms of adding their own style/aesthetic and mechanics.


Building structures on the fly in a team PvP game is a concept that has long fascinated me. I believe there was in fact at least one shooter which took this as its central conceit, in fact, but 1) at the time I had only my beloved toastertop and could not actually run the one that I found and 2) online multiplayer lives and dies by its playerbase, both in terms of quantitative population and in terms of qualitative, well, uh… quality.


Didn’t The Division already get a survival mode that was kinda similar? Not 100 people, but being dropped into an area with nothing and supplies being really scarce?

Last of Us 2, please!


Sort of, but I meant like, my limited understanding of the appeal of PUBG (haven’t jumped into the party yet) is the quick, “easy to drop in, easy to drop out, rinse and repeat” nature of the matches, not having much of the fuss about gun stats, leveling, loadouts and so on. Which, so far, few games nail the feeling, since from the inception PUBG had focus on what it was trying to do.


I would love to see Splatoon add some sort of large map longer play game mode. I’m thinking 4 team turf war with a larger map and like 15 minute games


I want a competitive euro truck simulator where everyone drops into a map and try to compete for a limited amount of delivery contracts and also ram each other. As you complete deliveries, you get power ups that make you better at ramming. Last truck standing wins.


There’s no way this will happen but I think it’d be beneficial if the companies don’t even try and replicate it.

PUBG is lightning in a bottle and they won’t be able to capture that. They can draw influence but they should focus on their own thing rather than clone it.

Ie what happened with mobas, dota2 and league are too big don’t even bother.

This won’t happen though


Guns of Icarus one where you can dock at locations to loot

TF2 one where all the maps are locations in one big map


I think one of the key things to note here is this isn’t just following trends. The reason these modes are coming out so fast is that PUBG isn’t out on console yet, and companies are trying to grab that audience before it does.


I think it would be much more interesting if didn’t want to ram opponents because you would be considered at fault in that collision and instead had to drive in ways that make it difficult for them not to accidentally break the rules of the road themselves.


Stay with me here.
Rocket League but with guns!
Huh? What do you think? No? Okay then how about…
Dragon’s Dogma…but with guns Battle Royal.
How about now?!


How long before every game copies h1Z1?

How long until FPS are no longer called Doomclones. How long will we condone Team Fortress 2’s thievery of Overwatch.