How long did it take to beat your first Dark Souls game?


My first Souls-like that I played and beat was Bloodborne.
It took me 62:52 ingame hours to complete (including the DLC), but I didn’t beat all the optional bosses.

I started playing it somewhere in the start of 2015, but after 10-15 hours I was in Old Yharnam and just hit a bump. I couldn’t get past the gatling gun guy in the tower… and (in hindsight) I hadn’t grasped the Souls playstyle yet. It hit me hard and after a couple of failures I started playing something different.

In the end I had a break of almost a year, until February 2016. The announcement of Dark Souls 3 sparked (pun non intented) my interest for Bloodborne again and I picked it up. And very soon I discovered some other routes, routes I hadn’t seen in my previous playtroughs. So that was my first aha-moment. And after that it got better and better and I was hooked.

I finished it in the couple of weeks after that I finished Bloodborne and it’s DLC (The Old Hunters). And after that I dove straight into Dark Souls 3 (my first Dark Souls experience). I had to adjust my playstyle a little, but after a while I even liked the gameplay and setting even more than Bloodborne. And finished that game after 51:45 ingame hours (that was aprox 2 months after starting it).

I still haven’t played the DLC of DS3 and slowly was exploring the Archdragons Peak - but still haven’t finished it. I do think about the game a lot, but getting back into it feels like a big hurdle ^^
But I’m sure that hurdle will be worth it, the moment I dive back into the game.

I do notice that after playing the Souls-like games, my perspective on games has changed. I usually could play any game, but after playing BB and DS3, I now get bored after a while when there is less challenge… or less structure. I tried playing the Witcher 3 (for 50+ hours), but it couldn’t keep me entertained. The combat felt unchallenging. And I had the same issue with Horizon Zero Dawn. It has probably also something to do with the games begin open world.

But shortly after I finished DS3 I bought Overwatch and DOOM. And returend both of them after a couple of days, because I was expecting the same level of challenge. And now, almost one year later I bought Overwatch again… and DOOM again ^^


It took me about two years to finally start a fresh Bloodbourne character and get a ending, which was about two weeks of play.

This is after getting to Anor Londo in Dark Souls and the boss after the Consumed King in 3. I have a problem with burning out on games if I play for like five or more hours in a short period and then not picking them up until months later. The souls game, and most RPGs don’t benefit from the binge play habit I’ve developed over the years since when I return, I’m 99% likely to just restart it.

Like my fifteen hour Persona 5 file, that I’m just wary of booting up.