How long do I have to wait for a spiritual successor to The Movies?


Every 6 months or so I scour the internet for a movie industry tycoon game. I am a big fan of text sims like WMMA, TEW, and EWR. I love the obvious Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and Game Dev Tycoon. For me these games aren’t just about systems, it is about investing into my own little Sandbox.

The Movies came out in 2005, I bought it Day 1 because I was a glutton for the patented Peter M. hype at 12 years old. The game was somewhere between being a tycoon game and The Sims which was a sweet intersection of the games I played most at the time. The end game didn’t do either aspect half as well as the pitch inspirations. That said, the game had a weird movie editor where you couldn’t make anything super special but there was something intimate about it.

So why has no one attempted to take this idea to the next level? It has been over a decade since anything like it has come out and with PC gaming in the state it is it doesn’t seem like a wild notion.


The Movies was really cool and I think a huge part of its success was coming out in a time where recording gameplay footage and making machinima in general was way more daunting a task than it is today. I think most of my time with the game was spent making crappy 3 minute movies about my high school friends getting blown up by robots that we’d pass around between each other. these days with recording tools/software/etc readily available i think people are back to making machinima in stuff like Minecraft.

aside from that and the aesthetic of managing a movie studio, the scale of it being between a tycoon and The Sims survives to some extent in indie games in the Dwarf Fortress-inspired lineage, but none of them really have the same budget of The Movies.

thinking about it, The Movies felt like a very “right place at the right time” kind of game, so I’m not sure if we’re gonna see a spiritual successor aside from if someone is really nostalgic for it in 10 years time and decides to make a remaster or something.