How many times have you gotten drunk and bought Skyrim?

I drank a beer too fast and tipsy bought The Elder Scrolls: V: Skyrim: Enhanced Edition for PS4. I already own it The Elder Scrolls: V: Skyrim on PC and PS3.

Is this common? Should I be worried or maybe see a doctor?


I have a genuine answer to this! I’ve bought Skyrim twice, but only once while drunk!

I bought it on Steam maybe a year after initial release, cold sober. then when that mega collection of all the Elder Scrolls games came out there was an deal where it was 20 bucks, and I didnt even want it but I had had a few and one thing led to another.

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That special edition is so nice too!

Yeah it’s a really awesome little set. I don’t regret the purchase, which is not something I often say about drunk impulse buys.

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On the ill-fated 2016 election night I drunkenly bought the Skyrim remaster at 3 in the morning… On the same steam account that already had the original and all the DLC.


Rough night for everyone involved.

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Never. One time I almost bought Skyrim. It was on sale for $5 on Steam during the holidays. But then I realized that Dark Souls was probably also on sale for $5. It’s definitely the better game and I had only ever played my brother-in-law’s copy (for 300 hours) so I figured I should have a copy of my own.

Twice! Also the only two time I bought Skyrim! Actually kinda like the game though!

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