How much have games ruined your brain

You ever catch yourself talking or acting like a videogame character?

Thanks to Yakuza 0 I keep wanting to describe things by saying “That’s Rad”. I’m totally fine with this, honestly.

Also, it’s not a game, but there are so many Homestar Runner lines that will never leave me.


Sometimes I dream about Tetris, but that’s it.


I’d be interested to know what effects long-term heavy videogame playing does to a person’s brain. I assume these things have been studied? But perhaps not extensively enough? I assume that anything you do for multiple hours a day alters your brain/the way you think/process information to some extent.


Back when I played a lot of Counter Strike I would have dreams about running de_dust2.

Homestar runner changed my whole outlook on the english vocabulary. (Like saying that previous like but with “The English Vocabulary” in Strongbad’s sultry voice.)


you ever have that thing where you’re playing a scrolling shooter or tetris for a while and then when you stop or look away from the screen your eyes keep sliding down because they’re so used to tracking falling blocks or approaching ships?

@BananaSam Yup. Totally had something like that happen with Guitar Hero and then more recently with Thumper.

I’m a HUGE references person. Like if I’m with people who are into that or know the source material well I’ll drop references like crazy. Here’s an example (although this more of a random blurt out thing than a reference). Me and my brother recently watched all the cutscenes of the Jak 1 and Jak 2 on YouTube and during the final boss in Jak 2: The lead metal head dude does that cliche old “let me explain everything to you really quick” boss speech. He starts explaining the crazy timeline of Jak 1 & Jak 2 and then says, “Don’t you see. The boy is YOU Jak!” but at that point it’s totally overkill so me and my brother just laughed. So now I will randomly say “the boy is YOU Jak” to him.

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This is a real thing! It’s called the Tetris effect and it can manifest is a lot of different ways, one way being dreaming about falling tetris pieces.

It’s basically the video game equivalent to dock rock.

It’s an incredibly small vocab change but every time I say steak I correct myself and say fsteak, thanks to persona 4

I can’t believe I’m the first person in the thread to mention this, but The Witness Tetris-affected me hard. It stopped after a month or two, but damn, seeing lines with little balls on the end was definitely a thing

It’s been almost six years since I played Old World Blues and I still call envelopes “skinvelopes”

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I have caught myself, in real life and with sincerity, on more than one occasion, for the tiniest fraction of a microsecond, thinking that it would be smart to quicksave.

There is no F5 in life.

I have this weird thing when I replay Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue. Once I start the game, the sounds from that game will persist in my head until I complete the game. It’s a weird phenomenon I experience myself and I’ve wondered if anyone else has had something similar.

I can’t hear “All I Want” by Offsping or “Supernan” by Goldfinger without hearing the sound effects of Crazy Taxi and Tony Hawk, respectively, play in the back of my head. Other than that are the random references that pop into my head, but I think that’s normal for any kind of media.

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the worst case of the Tetris Effect i’ve had was after playing hours of DOOM 2016. instead of falling blocks i’d see demons and viscera whenever i closed my eyes. good times.
it’s game-adjacent but im ashamed at how often i spew twitch memes/emotes when im talking to my gaming buddies. it makes for great shorthand in the middle of a game but my god am i scared its gonna slip out in general conversation one of these days.

I’ve certainly had games invade my dreams on regular occasions, especially when I’ve been playing them a lot that day. I’m sure they affect my vocabulary, too, but not too noticeably for the most part.

Video games rule everything around me.

My most recent ‘tetris effect’ was playing too much Overwatch in the week of release and not being able to sleep without thinking I was seeing Overwatch happening and feeling sick.

Nothing is as satisfying to listen to as The Boy Who Destroyed the World by AFI when skateboarding & it’s really kinda a bummer.

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I think games and modern life apps such as twitter have destroyed my ability to concentrate how I used to 10 years ago. It now takes a proper effort to sincerely concentrate on things that require really rigorous thought (although I do think this is maybe just how people work in general) and my current Radical Theory revision is really breaking my brain. Thanks, games.