How much of friends should Patrick and Austin be?

  • 19
  • 20

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This thread is to combat Tommy2Hands’ horrible bad poll. How much of friends should Patrick and Austin be? Please rate your preferred amount of friendship with the numerical values presented on the poll.

Who Would Win: Austin vs. Patrick (Austin Crushes It)

depends on how their fight turns out


There should always be an element of animosity so we get good debates


I’m pretty happy with the results of this poll so far!

I think that anything above a 19 is good friendship territory.


Are friends the same as punches because if so twenty for sure


20 is a prettier number than 19.


The Friendship Poll is now closed, everyone!

Thank you for voting.

The final result is a friendship amount of 19.83, which, I think, is very good.

Thank you for selecting such a high friendship amount and rebuffing @Tommy2Hands’ horrible hypothetical bloodsport.


Hmm 19 is a good prime number though

for a prime friendship.

I am disappointed in you aallll


If anime and videogames has taught me anything it’s that people who fight at first will always end up as best friends.