How 'Per Aspera' Reflects Our Martian Anxieties

NASA wants to take us to Mars. Laying the foundations for that eventual trip is one goal of the Artemis Lunar Exploration Program, which seeks to put men and women on the moon by 2024. In Per Aspera, humanity has finally made it to the moon and beyond, though some questions still elude our grasp. What does it mean to colonize Mars? And who does it belong to?

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WPR is one of the only places I get any information about new games, since I don’t read many other sites or see stuff on Twitter, so I’ll often listen to the podcast and have no idea what the games they’re talking about look like. Occasionally something will really pique my interest enough to pause and go look something up, but that’s rare, most of the time I’ll just mentally bookmark stuff.

The recent pod where Gita introduced this game as a “Gita Jackson Rob Zacny ass game” was a situation like this (simultaneously thought “oh hell yeah” and “oh nooo so many games”), but I didn’t actually look at the game’s visuals until now… really digging the low key grounded aesthetics.


I chose to be excited but […] the presence of human beings causes me more anxiety than anything else

is deeply relatable


Oh, really? Nice. I’ll check it out, then.

There was a review of this from ObsidianAnt on YouTube that was quite middling, but I think if Gita is getting a lot out of it then it’s probably worth a look. She’s good at meeting a game halfway, which I can do, but she doesn’t go as far as Rob and Austin do as far as like bringing so much of themselves to a game that they can make mediocre stuff sound awesome.

Mars games are a guilty pleasure of mine, so definitely gonna pick this up when it goes on sale. Thanks for the recc!

I couldn’t find the demo when I looked for it. Do you have a link?

Looks like it was a limited time demo, the play button on my install has been replaced with a purchase button

Bummer. I wishlisted it anyway, so it’ll be there the next time I feel like doing some management-y.