How Players Used Shotguns to Tear Open the Fabric of Reality in 'Spelunky'

Boom, boom, boom goes a shotgun, firing at...well, so far as I can tell, nothing? There’s a plasma gun on the ground, I guess, and a ghost to the right, but there’s no enemies in front of the player, and while the ghost can be killed, they’re not firing in the ghost’s direction. This is a Spelunky world record run for—*checks notes*—collecting the most money? And the part that people are hyped over involves firing a shotgun into the vacuum of space? Huh.

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I play and watch Spelunky a whole lot and it has been absolutely fascinating to see this stuff develop in real time over the past few weeks/months. I really love hearing about how people not just break a game but figure out the how’s and why’s of the breaking. Fantastic article.

Hey Patrick? Good stuff. Score chasers, speedrunners, and everyone digging into the guts of games to optimize them are always a treat to read about.


spelunky is the only good video game ever made


Spelunky really is the greatest game ever made. We will continue to unearth its treasures for years to come.

Great reporting as always, Patrick. Love how you take these highly technical ideas and explain them clearly. I don’t envy how hard that is to do as a writer.

The solo eggplant run is, to date, the greatest run ever performed

I guess it says a lot about how solitary I am with some games, but I play Spelunky just about every day and had no idea this was even a thing until now.