How Playing Over 1000 Hours of 'Into the Breach' Helped Me Survive 2018

A couple of days a week, I work from home. I wake up, usually with two of my three pets snuggling close by. I head over to my computer and check in with my colleagues and begin planning my day. I get my breakfast and coffee and prep on podcast topics, or begin edits on a piece, or check up on admin tasks, or get down to the process of actually writing or editing video. Somewhere in this morning process, at least from about February on, I would open my gaming laptop, and start a game of Into the Breach. It wasn’t my primary focus, not until the day’s usual warm-up tasks were done. But it’d be there, humming in the background, the game ready and eager for my next turn.

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I think my comfort game this year has been The Eternal card game. Just very easy to slip a few games in, grind towards a few new cards, forget about the living hell that is our world. (great game btw, you should play it if you like ccgs)

Though my issue dont’ deserve one fraction of the empathy that other’s do, its definitely nice to be able to challenge yourself, to be able to have that comfort you can just access and find ways to entertain.

I… hadn’t actually realised it until I read this, but the two games I’ve turned to the most in the most stressful parts of 2018 have ended up being Battletech and Into the Breach.

There might be something to unforgiving sci-fi mech battle games and stress?

Either way, Danielle’s piece was a great read, and entirely too relatable.


Great great piece. Here’s to a healing 2019! :pray:

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Thank you for writing and sharing such a beautiful piece.

I didn’t expect to like it much, but I bought Into the Breach based on your impressions earlier in the year. It became my most played game of 2018, and a source of great comfort.

I don’t usually post on the forums but I wanted to thank you for your incredible work throughout the year.

Rift Walkers, let’s go!