How 'Pokémon Go' Is Adapting for a Quarantined World

The summer Pokémon Go went viral was one of the few bright spots of 2016. A beloved franchise, the ubiquity of smartphones, and a game developer that had spent years testing the concept all collided to create a game about going outside and socializing instead of grinding for experience points on the couch with the shades drawn.

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I really do have to give Niantic props for being 1. extremely responsive and 2. very clever.

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Its been pretty impressive to watch them figure out more and more ways to make the game playable during this time

It’s been interesting to watch the evolution other the past couple months. Hopefully they can continue to improve accessibility for folks with disabilities.

On another note, if folks here are hoping back into the game and are looking for some Waypoint friends to exchange gifts with, there is a Waypoint PoGo thread.

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