How Respawn and the Medal of Honor Games Just Won an Oscar with 'Colette'

In a roundabout kind of way, Respawn and the Medal of Honor series won an Oscar last night. While developing the VR Medal of Honor game Above and Beyond, which centers on special operations with the Resistance in Nazi-occupied France, the studio also co-produced the winner of the Best Documentary Short, Colette, which stars one of the few surviving members of the Resistance, a prickly nonagenarian named Colette Marin-Catherine. It's a product of the Medal of Honor series' long history of doing archival work alongside game development with the Medal of Honor Gallery, but also represents a new level of ambition and achievement for that work.

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So goes Respawn’s continuing success train now on its way to PEGOT station. Later this year we’ll probably hear that Apex somehow found a way to win a Tony.

Hear me out though: Titanfall The Musical


To be honest, I’m very intrigued by the prospects of Pilots moving around by good old fashioned stage wirework and two Titans duking it out alone because they take up the entire stage.

“From the creators of War Horse comes a groundbreaking new production”

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No, no we both know how the ad needs to go: We need to get a “Prepare for Titanfall” during the “From the creators of War Horse comes a groundbreaking new production” so the Titan can hit the ground right after.

The Oscars this year did the Game Awards thing of dropping trailers for new films between the awards, so it is fitting that a video game would kind of win an award.

A Titanfall musical would be extremely my thing, but the real EA property that should get a musical is obvious: The Sims. And they should hmu, I am willing and ready to write this one.