How Russia’s LGBT ‘Propaganda’ Law Turned the Sims Community Against Itself

Social media is a video game. You can win at it, and you can definitely lose at it. It’s being played all the time. Sometimes, the game is playing you. This week, the losers were the development team of The Sims 4

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There was also definitely another, more amorphous group of people (many with fresh accounts) using the hashtag as a rallying cry to harass dissenting opinions, even as it was utterly unclear what the orthodoxy from which they were tolerating no deviation actually was. The people in the third group—who mysteriously managed to drive heavy engagement despite following and being followed by virtually no one—eventually became the most visible. Several people told me that their tweets disagreeing with the #weddingsforrussia campaign were replied to en masse by very angry people within minutes of their posting.

This is a disturbing trend I’ve seen increasingly often. People with no stake getting involved solely with the intent to harass and bully whomever seems to be the easiest target. These people have no particular ideology and will just as easily rally behind BLM as MAGA, as long as it gives them the chance to ruin someone’s day.